E11: From Chiropractor to Turnkey Property Investing w/Dr. Erin Hudson 

 August 25, 2021

1. Health/Wealth Tip

Health: Wearable Trackers

  • Wearables can track your sleep and heart rate
  • Blood glucose monitor trackers would be the game-changer
  • Knowing when you’re the most optimized

Wealth: Consider the factor of time 

  • The Benefits and Detriments of Liquidity if an Investment
  • How quickly you can sell your investment and get your money back
  • The downside of liquid investments: A price drop
  • The importance to hold liquid and illiquid investments in your portfolio
  • Real estate is not a liquid investment.

2. Dr. Erin Hudson’s Background  (21:35)

  • Started as a chiropractor
  • Started acquiring single-family rental properties
  • Help people get what they want and you will win

3. What is a Turnkey Property? (24:02)

  • Pick up a property and make it livable.
  • Get a tenant in place and have a property manager oversee it.
  • Then sell that property to another individual.
  • Let the specialists do their thing.

4. Personal Motivation & Empowering Kids to Make a Choice (28:15)

  • Being the destiny creator of the freedom she desires
  • Leading by example
  • Teaching through learning moments that are so pivotal
  • Equipping her kids and teaching them how to scale and have a choice

5. Erin’s Healthy Habits (42:02)

  • 5 things of gratitude and 5 things of gratitude about her husband
  • Nothing is dynamic until it’s specific
  • The power of writing things down

6.  Gaining What You’ve Lost (49:14)

  • How she got through losing $150,000
  • Continue to pick up the mat and walk.
  • Greatness is on the other side.

7. Final Exam: (1:20:50)

  • What book or film changed your life?
  • What is one wealth tip you wish you had learned earlier in life?
  • What do you do for fun?
  • Where do you see yourself in five years?



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