E02: Get Liquid Using Cash Flow Strategies w/Dr. Tom Burns 

 April 15, 2021

In this episode of The Healthy Wealthy & Wiseguys Show, your hosts Matt & Dr. Iggy learn how today’s guest, Dr. Tom Burns balances his healthy & wealthy lifestyle with a combination of morning rituals & meditation options along with discussing how he utilizes cash flow strategies to gain time for himself! 

1. Health/Wealth Tip:

Health (1:20)

  • Controlling your breathing
  • Getting started with Yoga
  • 3-5 Minutes can bring you back to focus

Wealth (3:45)

  • The importance of paying down debt 
  • Start small
  • Get Liquid with cash flow Strategies

2. Introducing Tom Burns (8:55)

3. Morning Routine/Meditation Tips (32:00)

  • Tom Burns’ version of his miracle morning
  • Finding your own “peacetime”
  • Whatever activity you do where you lose track of time is a good meditation.
  • Good ideas can come from meditation

4. Tom Burns’ Keys To Success (41:00)

  • Get educated 
  • Surround yourself with people with similar interests
  • Stay Positive

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