E00: Healthy & Wealthy Lifestyle w/Matt & Dr. Iggy 

 April 9, 2021

In this pilot episode of The Healthy Wealthy & Wiseguys Show, you’ll be introduced to your hosts Matt & Dr. Iggy as they merge two extremely important conversations that until now have existed separately.

1. Introducing Matt & Dr. Iggy (2:40)

  • Getting to know their backgrounds & how they met
  • Matt: Centered around alternative ways to wealth
  • Dr. Iggy: Centered around healthy lifestyles

2. Health Tip w/Dr.Iggy (25:00)

  • How to reset your nervous system after a workout
  • The best thing you want to do after an evening workout is to take a cold shower to bring your body temperature down before bed
  • Different types of workouts

3. Wealth Tip w/Matt: (32:45)

  • The benefits of compounding interest
  • How to implement compounding interest in your life
  • Re-invest money you made with compound interest

 4. What to expect in future episodes: (39:50)

  • The ideal healthy wealthy guests
  • Asking medical professionals important questions
  • Inspire listeners with guests that bridged the gap between healthy & wealthy lifestyles

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